Christianity Revealed

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Duration: 1 days
Pre-requisite: MCKS Basic Pranic Healing

A powerful course that will bring a deeper and more meaningful appreciation to the spirituality embedded in the true essence of Christianity. The course reveals profound principles and techniques that will empower any spiritual seeker with Divine Love and Wisdom - these are the teachings that were reserved for the senior disciples and apostles of Jesus - "the keys to the kingdom of heaven

The Lord Jesus taught the public with Parables, and the Apostles with the inner teachings of the "keys to the kingdom of heaven".

For the first time, GrandMasterChoaKok Sui shares these profound principles and techniques to empower us with the Love and Wisdom of the Lord Jesus Priceless Teachings. These practical principles and techniques allow you to Experience "Christ Consciousness" while still on the physical plane!

Drawing upon his vast knowledge of various cultures and religions, and with his background as a Master Pranic Healer, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui reveals for the first time the true meaning behind many of the symbols and rituals of Christianity. These insights will bring a deeper and more meaningful appreciation and connection with Christianity and spirituality.

During this fascinating one day workshop, you will be enlightened and empowered with Teachings and the Esoteric Practices that include:

  • The Lords Prayer as an Advanced Method of activating the chakras.
  • Secret Purification Rituals by the Essence.
  • The Inner Teachings behind the Baptism by Fire, Water, Air and the Holy Spirit.
  • The Trinity and the 3 Universal Aspects of God found in the major religions.
  • The Inner Meaning of Lord Jesus washing the feet of the apostles.
  • Learn the Formula of becoming One with your Higher Self through the Verse of the Camel/Eye of the Needle.
  • Understand the Relationship between ones Spiritual Anatomy and the Inverted Tree of Lifes Twelve Fruits, as mentioned in Revelations.
  • Transfiguration and its connection to the verse, "Let your eyes be one and your body filled with Light."
  • The true meaning of the Pentecostal Fire