Requirements for a Certified Pranic Healer

In line with the above requirements a Certified Pranic Healer should have:

  • Completed Arhatic Yoga Preparatory level,Pranic Crystal Healing and Pranic Psychic Self Defense under authorized instructors .

  • Write 40 complicated or critical cases.

  • Produced testimonials on 40 Advanced and 10 Psychotherapy cases .

  • Should have attended a 2 day review on Arhatic Yoga Prep, Pranic Crystal Healing and Pranic Psychic Self Defense under a senior instructor who is authorized to teach these courses .

  • Interviewed with the senior instructor on the testimonials.

  • The student has to attend classes on certain medical topics (Doctors and nurses are exempt from this requirement). A doctor-cum-pranic healer would then conduct the medical part of the program. The students will have to take an examination to ensure that they have obtained a basic necessary understanding of the medical portions. The idea of the exam is not to ask questions that will be of no relevance or to have the student memorize unnecessary data. It is to ensure that they have the knowledge needed to make them better healers. Based on this, it is suggested that the exam be of multiple-choice format. If required, there can also be a viva portion.

Ethics and Code of Conduct for a Certified Pranic Healer

An increasingly significant scope of training and management is the area of ethics and standards of conduct. Ethics and moral values cannot be prescribed on Pranic Healing practitioners but they can be given the opportunity of getting in touch with higher values. Pranic Healing recognizes a standard of conduct that defines the behavior of the Certified Pranic Healing Trainer and Healer.

A pranic healer must recognize responsibility not only to the client or patient, but also to the self, to the organization and to society. The ETHICS AND STANDARDS OF CONDUCT for certified Pranic Healing Trainers and Healers to refer to moral principles or practices that will conform in the practice of the art and science of Pranic Healing.

The following is an executive summary of ethical practices as taught by Grand Master ChoaKok Sui:

  • Competence,Compassion, Respect: A Pranic Healer shall be dedicated to providing competent pranic healing with compassion and respect for human dignity. It is the duty of the healer to try his best to heal and alleviate the condition of his patients.
  • Confidentiality: Utmost effort and care must be taken to protect the confidentiality of the patient. The patient should be able to make disclosure of relevant information to the pranic healer with the knowledge that the pranic healer will respect the confidential nature of the communication. Patient medical history, symptoms, treatment(s), results of the healing process and the like acquired during the healer: client relationship must not be disclosed unless consented to by the patient.
  • Proper Attitude and Respect for Grand Master ChoaKok Sui and the integrity of the Pranic Healing System.:
  • Non-Criticism: Pranic Healers and Pranic Healing Instructors are expected at all times to practice and maintain respect, propriety and decorum of conduct. This includes refraining from criticism of other healers and other healing modalities.
  • Non-Diagnostic: A Pranic Healer must not and should not make a medical diagnosis of a patient condition. It is the patients responsibility to provide relevant medical history, to the extent possible, including information relating to the present health.
  • Good Communication: Pranic Healers have recognized that the health and well- being of the patients depends upon good communication and a collaborative effort between healer and patient. Patients share with healers the responsibility for their own health and well being. The patient has the responsibility to be truthful and to express concerns clearly to their Pranic Healer. The healer may withhold any information concerning the case of his patients to others if the disclosure of such information will or may cause embarrassment to the patient.
  • Fee for Service: The Pranic Healer is entitled to charge a reasonable rate for his healing services. He should avoid charging excessive fee that would unduly burden the patient. Under no circumstances should a healer turn away or neglect a patient due to poverty or inability of the patient to pay.
  • Proper Conduct: Under no circumstances should a Pranic Healer take sexual advantage of his patients. Whenever possible or permissible, healing should be done in the open or in front of others. Healing in a closed room with the healer alone should be avoided and minimized as much as possible
  • Constructive Use of Power: Under no circumstances should the healer misuse his power. Power or the ability to manipulate invisible subtle energies is neither good nor bad. Power is good when used constructively and bad when used for destruction. It becomes bad when there is evil intention and misapplication of power.