Guidelines for Pranic Healer Certification

The Healers Certification Program is a comprehensive training program designed with the following objectives in mind:

  • To train and educate Pranic Healers to become more proficient and more confident healers.
  • To train individuals in the principles and concepts of Pranic Healing and if possible promote practical hands-on experience.
  • To encourage serious Pranic Healers to become a member of a competency based internationally standardized group of certified Pranic Healers.
  • To review basic anatomy and physiology.
  • To provide certified Pranic Healers annual review and update of the latest developments in Pranic Healing.

Associate Pranic Healer 6 months duration (ACPH)

The Associate Pranic Healer Training takes a minimum of six months and a maximum of one year to complete. This is based on the requirement that a candidate must have studied and practiced pranic healing for about one (1) year. As the knowledge of Pranic Healing is applied on patients/clients, one will be required to document every healing case and submit them to the office for evaluation and validation. This will enable the foundation/senior healers to give helpful feedback and suggestions in order to increase a healers effectiveness.

There are 4 parts to be completed to obtain this certification:

PART I - Course Requirements

  • Basic Pranic Healing
  • Advanced Pranic Healing
  • Pranic Psychotherapy
  • Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Level

PART II - Healing Requirements

The student provide testimonials of having healed

  • 10 simple cases
  • 10 complicated cases
  • 5 psychotherapy cases

Note: A case refers to one or more Pranic Healing techniques applied to a particular ailment of a single patient. If a patient returns for several healings for a single ailment, that is still considered one case. For e.g.

Case 1.   Ailment:   Migraine headache
            Pranic Healing method used: Basic Technique

Case 2.   Ailment:   Hypertension
            Pranic Healing method used: Advanced Technique

Case 3.    Problem:  Depression
            Pranic Healing method used: Pranic Psychotherapy Technique

For the advanced and psychotherapy cases, a complete cure is not necessary, a substantial improvement in the condition of the patient is sufficient.

All testimonials should be signed by the patient and the healer should include details of how often and how many healings were given and what healing was done (what techniques were used, what colours, which chakras were healed, etc.)

The healer will then be interviewed and his healings verified by a person or persons appointed by the Board of Trustees.

At the interview stage, it is not only important that the healer has really healed and produced results, but done so using Master Choa Kok Sui Pranic Healing techniques correctly.

PART III - Review of Basic, Advance and Psychotherapy

The student would have to attend a 3 day review of Basic, Advance and Psychotherapy under a senior instructor. The instructor could be from within the foundation as decided by the board or from another foundation. The idea of this review session is to ensure that the participant is well versed in MCKS Pranic Healing and is following the techniques properly. The student would also be interviewed by the senior instructor on the healing testimonials.

The Board of Trustees of each foundation will then select the candidates who have successfully completed all 4 Parts of the Programme and send their names to [World Pranic Healing Foundation India]. WPHFIPL will then forward the names to Manila from where the certificates will be issued.

It is recommended that Associate Certified and Certified pranic Healers execute the following Oath

Pranic Healer Oath

I solemnly swear before God, the Supreme Being, with all the Holy Teachers, the Great Ones, the Saints, the Healing Angels and Spiritual Guides as my witnesses, that I, ________________________________________, shall uphold this Oath and Covenant:

I shall respect the Teachers of Pranic Healing, and assist them in the Work of bringing the benefits of this Healing Art to as many people as possible;

I shall maintain and uphold the purity of the teachings of the Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing, and I shall share these teachings with those who shall use it for the benefit of the sick and ailing:

I shall not misuse or maliciously use Pranic Healing techniques or any of the principles derived from them;

I shall maintain proper ethical behavior in my relationships with everybody, especially my patients;

I shall keep secret and confidential my patients ailments and other personal details that should not be publicized, and I shall not take advantage of my patients for material and/or immoral purposes;

I shall not refuse Pranic Healing treatment for patients by reason of their poverty.

In upholding this Oath, I pray that my life will be rewarded with Health, Happiness, Love, Success, and Prosperity. If I do otherwise, I shall suffer the full consequences of my negative deeds.