Healing & Protection

MCKS Basic Pranic Healing

In Basic Pranic Healing course, you learn the basics of working with your energy aura, including learning to "scan,or feel the energy, to "sweep", or clean away congested energy...


MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing

MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing is a specialized workshop for those who wish to become more effective healers. In Advanced Pranic HealingĀ®,you will learn how to utilize colorprana for quicker,


MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy

Pranic Psychotherapy is the application of Pranic Healing techniques to healing and alleviating emotional and mental imbalances.


MCKS Pranic Crystal Healing

Pranic Cyrstal Healing is basically using crystals as an instrument in pranic healing. Crystals can absorb, store, project, focus subtle energies.


MCKS Psychic Self Defense

We are swimming in a world of thought forms and emotional energies, not all of which are beneficial for us. In fact, we are constantly bombarded by negative and injurious energies.